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[one_half last=”yes”]All Together Now offers fun, multiracial playgroups for elementary school aged children. The Kids group is facilitated by adoptees and is for adopted kids from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The group focuses on building relationships through play while incorporating adoption and identity-related topics. All games and activities are designed to support and foster an appreciation for differences and diversity within the ATN community and the world at large. The kids group curriculum emphasizes themes – such as community, identity, family and connectedness – which are linked to the adoption experience.  These are illustrated and explored through books, games, and group activities.

Additionally, the kids group curriculum is tailored to the current participating children and therefore subject to change each semester. The activities planned are contingent upon the size and dynamic of the group. As the structure of the group solidifies, we are able to gain better insight into how we plan our activities to continue strengthening the bond between the kids and mentors. Over the years, we have played Costume Photo Booth, Show and Tell, and People Bingo. We have collaborated on making an ATN quilt and created life-size cardboard cutouts, and a brown paper community garden. We have also decorated cookies in celebration of the holiday season and created Identity Passports. Additionally, we have hosted guests, such as Gail Karp, an adoptive parent and author of “Paloma the Possible.”

The kids group is facilitated by Sydney Shepard and Jenny Cartmell.